Master of liberal arts, iudex and founder of the far-famed Bologna Studium.

Though historians of late (see Pace, Wernerius teutonicus…) have argued that Irnerius may have a Germanic root, his name on documents − Irnerius, Wernerius, Guarnerius – is often accompanied by the adjective bononiensis, as though to say that, if not born here, he belonged professionally.

Published Iudex Bononiensis
Irnerio’s life and works have been reconstructed from documents naming him. Of these there are only fourteen, dating from 1112 to 1125; in them he appears first as a causidicus, then as a iudex.
Published Da Magister in artibus a legum doctor
Alma Mater Studiorum
Studies over the last century and a half have tended to confirm Odofredo († 1265), the learned thirteenth-century Bolognese jurist, when he described Irnerio as having first been a master of liberal arts, and then a teacher of law.