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Mental health

Bologna joins the Global Leadership Exchange network for mental health

A partnership that promotes the improvement of mental health services, spreads innovation and shares best practice to improve services and experiences worldwide.


50 million euros for businesses and research institutions

With the PNRR (National Recovery and Resilience Plan) Cascade Funding Calls, the University of Bologna offers the opportunity to access funding and strategic expertise to carry out research and development activities.

Artificial intelligence

AI Facial Recognition Systems Cannot Imitate the Human Brain (for Now)

An international group of researchers has compared artificial neural network systems with human cognitive mechanisms, revealing that AI is currently an inadequate model for understanding how our brain analyses faces in motion.

Voices, stories, ideas

Applied biomaterials from sustainable sources

We try to encourage the use of natural materials even in advanced applications, following the principles of green chemistry.

Maria Francesca, Phd student in Chemistry

Advice for future students?

Studying with passion, commitment and living this path authentically.

Gaia, degree in Philosophical Sciences

The power of dialogue

“We learn about the other person as well as about ourselves.” The words of Khali, Italian ambassador in Tokyo for the MIRAI Japan’s Friendship Ties Programme.

Khalil Zantou, student at the University of Bologna

From research to society


Exploiting industrial waste heat for energy generation

The POWHER project aims to exploit the heat from glass, cement, metal and food processing through Organic Rankine Cycles (ORCs), an efficient and cost-effective technology for energy generation.


Innovative diagnostics for metastatic breast cancer

Improving the quality of life of metastatic breast cancer patients through advanced imaging techniques – this is the goal of the PREMIO COLLAB project, funded by Horizon Europe Cancer Mission and UK Research and Innovation, in which the University is a partner.


Was writing on Rapa Nui invented before the arrival of the Europeans?

This is suggested by radiocarbon dating of a wooden tablet analysed by BRAVHO, the Bologna radiocarbon laboratory devoted to human evolution, as part of the INSCRIBE and RESOLUTION projects. The results enrich the historical understanding of Rapa Nui and have an impact on the global study of the invention of writing.

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