Scientific research has always been at the heart of the activities of the Alma Mater

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The starting point to discover and learn more about the latest novelties and research results of the University of Bologna through interviews with its protagonists, news and detailed articles.

Research in numbers

Research in numbers

Scientific research of the Alma Mater

Research is one of the strategic areas on which the identity, history and vocation of the Alma Mater is based: pure and free research with a constant focus on its educational and social repercussions. Through Research, the University promotes the development of all fields of knowledge in order to safeguard scientific diversity, encouraging an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach also in the international sphere, by participating in strategic networks and networks for the development of research projects.

Research areas and projects

Research areas

Research areas

For the University of Bologna, subject specialisation and the integration of the disciplines of knowledge are key to excellence in research, thus contributing to a forward-looking society.

Competitive research projects

Competitive research projects

The University of Bologna is highly committed and geared towards promoting and supporting competitive research and the participation of its researchers in funding grants at all levels, both local and international.

Reserach initiatives

Research initiatives

The University of Bologna is committed to carrying out innovative research initiatives aimed at enhancing its competencies and resources by promoting interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral collaborations, not only in Italy but also abroad.

NRRP – Opportunities, expectations and results

NRRP projects

The University of Bologna’s NRRP projects

The University of Bologna takes part in a number of initiatives across the various missions; as far as Mission 4 is concerned, we are the leading university in Italy for participation in the projects.

Research organisation and infrastructure


Organisation, equipment, laboratories and research infrastructures

The University of Bologna is organised to provide with its structures, committees, commissions and services effective support for the activities of its lecturers and assistant professors. We also have equipment, laboratories and infrastructures where knowledge is developed and innovation is born to support university research.

Networking for research

Associations and networks

Framework agreements, associations, and networks

The University of Bologna invests in partnerships with research organisations, businesses, institutions and public and private bodies at local, national and international level, with the aim of promoting and developing research, finding solutions to social challenges and local needs, and promoting growth and knowledge dissemination, in a spirit of co-creation and sharing.

Open Science

Open Science

Scientific research and its dissemination accessible to the scientific community

Open Science is about research publications and data, getting the public and different social actors involved, sharing final results but also all the intermediate stages that lead to them, the tools to interpret them and all the forms of dissemination, including languages, for a real impact of science on society.

PhD programmes

PhD programmes

Your PhD at the University of Bologna

The PhD programme provides the skills necessary to perform high-level research activities and pursue advanced professional career paths not only in universities but also in the public and private sector.

Research at Unibo

Excellence Science

Excellence Science@Unibo

Unibo supports bottom-up projects in all disciplines and research fields that are funded by the European Commission under its Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, Horizon Europe. As part of the Excellent Science Pillar, ERC and MSCA funding schemes finance project for researchers at all stages of career and for their career development.

Research at Unibo

Opportunities to take part in research activities

Competition for Assistant Professors, professional and consulting appointments, research fellowships, PhD programmes, and study grants and prizes.

Research for society and businesses

Researchers tell their story

Researchers tell their story

The discoveries and insights of the University of Bologna, told to society, citizens, schools and the university community.

Research and innovation for businesses

Research and innovation for businesses

Research and innovation activities at the University of Bologna are carried out by more than 5,000 teachers, researchers, fellow researchers and PhD students who operate in a dynamic and multidisciplinary context. The objective is to contribute to new knowledge and innovation that can be used for economic, social and cultural development.