ISS - Istituto di Studi Superiori

ISS - Istituto di Studi Superiori of Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna is a laboratory of excellence where scholars from all levels of education and research meet: professors, researchers and students.

The mission of the Institute is to foster collaboration and the sharing of knowledge amongst academics from a wide range of fields coming from all over the world. Target is to develop international collaborative research projects and to increase the learning possibilities for Ph.D. and undergraduate students at the University of Bologna.

Interdisciplinarity, Internationalization and Sharing are the key words of the Institute, whose community life brings together students, researchers and lecturers to exchange, discuss and realise concepts and ideas.

ISS consists of two sections: the Collegio Superiore and ISA - Institute of Advanced Studies. ISS is led by a professor of the University of Bologna.

The main characteristics of the ISS are:

  • interdisciplinary exchange
  • cohabitation of international students, researchers and scholars
  • constant innovative commitment to education and research

ISS Council is composed by:
Beatrice Fraboni (Dean)
Elena Argentesi
Cesare Biserni
Annachiara Fariselli  (Head of Collegio Superiore)
Luca Lambertini
Alberto Parmeggiani
Lucia Sartori
Giovanna Zoccoli


Interdisciplinary exchange and excellent education

The ISS fosters interdisciplinary knowledge, integrating and augmenting student profiles by the development of transversal skills.

The ISS collaborates with all the Departments, Interdepartmental Research Centres, Schools and Institutes at the University of Bologna. An integral aim is to facilitate the meeting of Unibo scholars and students, creating a collaborative atmosphere and building joint projects between professors and researchers coming from different departments and institutions.


Cohabitation of international students, researchers and scholars

Students and Fellows at the ISS constitute the ISS community and participate in a variety of events, lectures, conferences, workshop, visits, cultural trips, etc., proposed to offer learning opportunities and to facilitate discussion and exchange.

A Fellows room located in Palazzo Marchesini in Via Marsala 26, Bologna is provided as a place in which to meet, work and study.


Constant innovative commitment to education and research

Every year ISS, through the Collegio Superiore and the Institute of Advanced Studies, assigns grants to students of I, II and III cycle and contributions to researchers and international Visiting Fellows through public open calls.

Themes of particular interest can be identified by the ISS Council and proposed in order to foster studies across different disciplines. In-house research activities are carried out, focusing on interdisciplinary matters with the contribution of experts in different disciplines. Innovative themes of research crossing the borders between a range of subjects and areas are investigated and the results distributed and shared.

The spread and diffusion of scientific topics and the discovery and research of new results and innovations are among the main aims of the Institute and all the events present excellent learning occasions and meeting opportunities. In fact ISS events, both Collegio Superiore and ISA, are open to all and are often in collaboration with local boards, foundations and companies. As well as ISS organised events, the Institute takes part in a range of happenings where its contribution can be relevant.


The international commitment

The ISS is involved in several European projects and activities regarding student and researcher mobility, knowledge transfer and research activities as well as other international initiatives in collaboration with partners from all around the world. The ISS belongs to international networks of similar Institutions, sharing methods and models.