Student Ombudsman

The role of the Student Ombudsman, envisaged in art. 15 of the University Statute, is to receive reports on dysfunctions and restrictions affecting the rights of students. This independent body does not report hierarchically or functionally, in any way, to University Bodies and exists solely to ensure compliance with current regulations.

Student Ombudsman in office

Currently, the Student Ombudsman is Mr Giuseppe Colonna, former magistrate, and President of the Court of Appeal of Bologna.

Principal functions

The principal functions are specified in the Regulations for the Student Ombudsman.

Students can contact the Ombudsman to report any forms or types of abuse, dysfunctions, shortfalls, delays, violations of the law or the principles of good administration, failure to respect the values and rules laid down in the University's Code of Ethics or the principles and rights specified in the University Statute, by teachers or other University personnel, or attributable to University Bodies or the general or peripheral Administration in the conduct of administrative activities, for acts or omissions or conduct that is solely intended to be intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive.

The Student Ombudsman monitors the teaching, research and service activities of the University of Bologna with an impact on the rights and interests of the University's students, to ensure that they are carried out in compliance with the values and rules laid down in the University's Code of Ethics and the principles and rights specified in the University Statute.

Based on the reports received or acting independently, the Ombudsman does everything necessary to investigate the facts in order to identify possible solutions, having regard for the functions of the Bodies, Structures and Administrative Offices, as well as the characteristics of the cases concerned.

Students who contact the Ombudsman are entitled to anonymity. In fact, the Student Ombudsman works confidentially, in compliance with the right to anonymity of the student and any witnesses, and keeps secret the data and information obtained while performing the assigned functions.

How to contact the Ombudsman

The Student Ombudsman takes action based on applications and/or reports presented in writing or in person.

Students can:

  • Send a request or report in writing via e-mail to , or by post to Via Marsala 49, Bologna (write “FAO Student Ombudsman” on the envelope).
  • Request a face-to-face meeting by sending an e-mail to . The request should briefly describe the problem. The Student Ombudsman will then determine whether to set up the appointment and will notify you the place, date and time of the meeting. Virtual appointments via Microsoft Teams must be explicitly requested.


Student Ombudsman

Secretariat of the Ombudsman

Deborah Graziano
Beatrice Tomadini


Via Marsala 49 Bologna