University Research Evaluation Committee (VRA)

The University Research Evaluation Committee (VRA) is responsible for coordinating and monitoring the research evaluation activities.


The VRA committee is a joint body responsible for drafting and updating the evaluation criteria for research activities carried out at the University. Previously, similar activities were performed by the Research Observatory (1997 -2013).

The Commitee Regulation, issued with R.D. n. 1021/2013, was amended pursuant to R.D. n. 374/2020 of 1 April 2020. The amended text was published in the University Official Bulletin n. 278 of 15 April 2020 and is available in NormAteneo: VRA Committee Regulation.


The VRA committee is chaired by the Vice Rector for Research, Alberto Credi (D.R. n. 235/2022, published in the Official University Bulletin n. 300 of 15/04/2022).

Each member is assisted by a panel of experts in handling the wide range of specific research and scientific output associated with the various disciplines.

Check members and panel of experts for each disciplines consulting the Italian version

The activities of the VRA Committee are supported by the Settore Qualità e valutazione.


APPC - Settore Qualità e valutazione - Ufficio Qualità della ricerca e della terza missione



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