University services

Guidance services

To guide you along your university pathway, from choosing the right degree programme to entering the job market.

Study services

People who will support you during your studies, libraries and study rooms, IT resources, as well as where to live, where to eat and how to get around the city.

Sport, culture and leisure

Incentives and initiatives for spend your free time on culture and sports activities.

Well-being and safety

Health care for non-resident students, psychological support and counselling services, safety at the university: all you need to know to enjoy your university experience.

Inclusion and equal opportunities

Making possibility a concrete, everyday possibility, focusing on people's uniqueness and the culture of diversity.

University places and spaces

History and culture are combined with services designed to enrich your university experience.

Digital identity

Institutional credentials, e-mail and badges: to access online services, facilities and incentives for the university community.

Towards the job market

Start laying the foundations, sometimes already while studying, to enter the labour market.

Partnerships with organisations and businesses

The University of Bologna works with organisations and companies as a partner for research and development, innovation, human capital and social responsibility.