Student Council

This is the official student representative body at the University.


The Council, whose members are appointed for two years, elect representatives to the University Senate and the Board of Governors. The main duty of this representative body is to express opinions wherever student interests are concerned.
It is composed of 33 members.

Composition of the Student Council

Benagli Giovanni

Calini Michele

Casadei Giuseppe Maria

Corradi Lorenzo

Cova Chiara

De Cristofaro Noa

Del Pero Sofia

Fiorentino Federica

Francioso Costanza

Fronzoni Marta

Gambino Giulia

Ghasemi Arianna

Guizzardi Filippo

Leone Daniele

Luccioli Alessandra

Martinelli Francesco

Melegari Davide

Novia Valentina

Pollini Anna

Ricci Edoardo

Rondoni Francesca

Russo Alice

Saccardi Francesca 

Salamanca Giulia

Stellato Chiara

Tarantino Ida Pia

Tiani Raul

Toccoli Jacopo
Vice President

Tomasselli Samuele

Zelco Chiara