University Equipment Commission

The University Equipment Commission has the task of monitoring and coordinating activities related to research equipment and infrastructure at the University of Bologna.


The Commission is established as a collegial body with the purpose of: 

  • specific guidance on research support services, in compliance with the objectives set by the University bodies and in line with the organisational structure laid down in the Statute;
  • preliminary investigations of proposals submitted to the Academic Bodies in relation to equipment, in particular for the purchase of medium and large equipment through tenders and University initiatives;
  • proposing criteria for the census and sharing of the University's equipment;
  • supporting the definition of the University's 'Alma Equipment' calls;
  • assisting in the accreditation of facilities within national initiatives and European networks.

Further assignments are referred to the Commission as appropriate.



Scientific experts

Laboratory management coordinators

  • Simone Bugani - Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences
  • Francesco Vai - Department of Industrial Engineering
  • Valentina Vasina - Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology
  • Serena Venturi - Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences
  • Alessandro Zamboni - Research Division