Enrolling in years following the first one

All the information you need on the deadlines, amount of tuition fees and methods for enrolling in years following the first one of your degree programme.

Until graduation, students must enrol in all the years laid down in their chosen degree programme.

Enrolment in the programme years following the first one is done by the payment of the annual tuition fee, in one single or in several instalments starting from 27 July 2023.

The deadline to enrol in years following the first is 28 September 2023. 

The final deadline (with delay) is 23 November 2023.
From 24 November 2023 it will be possible to enrol by submitting the relevant late enrolment request and paying a penalty of €150.00.

Should the late enrolment request be submitted after the deadline for the payment of the second and third instalment of the tuition fees has expired, new adequate deadlines will be set for these payments, as provided by the applicable Tuition Fee Regulations.

Consult the information concerning the amounts, methods and deadlines for the payment of tuition fees.

If you meet certain economic or merit criteria, you may be able to obtain a study grant or the partial or total exemption from tuition fees.

Consult the calls for applications and all information to see if you meet the requirements of merit or income in order to receive a study grant or an exemption.

Non-EU students

Students from outside the European Union (non-EU), whose residence permit is expiring, must present a copy of the receipt for the application to renew their permit to the Student Administration Office of their Degree Programme.

Nota Bene: On expiry of the residence permit, the student's career is blocked, and it will no longer be possible to book exam sessions, sit exams, request certificates or apply for graduation.
Therefore, in order to avoid any career block, non-EU students shall apply for a renewal of their residence permit (60) days prior to the expiry of their valid residence permit.

On provision of the copy of the application for renewal, the career will be re-activated for a further 150 days. If the renewed residence permit (in card format) is not obtained within 150 days of application, the student's career will be blocked once more.

As soon as they have received the renewed residence permit, non-EU students must exhibit the original permit to the Student Administration Office, and provide a copy.