Transferring to the University of Bologna

If you attend a degree programme at another university and are considering changing universities, you can explore the opportunities to do so.

Do you want to study at the University of Bologna? First steps

Take a look at our degree programmes. There are many options – choose what suits you best. 
After finding the right degree programme, you should learn about access requirements and methods, and find out if you need to pass a selection or a test before enrolling.

Choose a first cycle or single cycle degree programme

Choose a second cycle degree programme

What should you do after choosing a degree programme? Key steps

If you are transferring from a university in Italy

  • Go to the “Enrol” section in the website of the degree programme and read the call for applications or admission notice. For certain degree programmes, you might even find a specific call for applications under “Admission to years after the first one” or “Continuation of studies”.
  • Ask your university how and when you should apply for a transfer. Each university has different methods and deadlines – it is important to consider the time required for applying for a transfer at your university of origin and for enrolling in the University of Bologna.
  • Follow the steps for enrolment in the call for applications or admission notice, i.e. check admission requirements, type of selection and enrolment deadlines. Then, take part in the selection process (if any) for your new degree programme – if you get a place, you can enrol.
  • During enrolment, you will have to declare that you are transferring and indicate your university of origin. This will initiate communication between the two universities for exchanging documents relating to your studies.

If you are transferring from a university abroad

  • If you are currently enrolled in a foreign university, you will have to enrol in your degree programme of choice in accordance with the procedures set out in the call for applications or admission notice; you may also apply for “Admission to years after the first one” or “Continuation of studies”. You will be able to ask for recognition of the exams taken abroad through a dedicated procedure, called Shortening of the degree programme.

Timing and fees

Each transfer involves two universities – the timing and methods will depend on your degree programme of choice and university of origin. So:

  1. consult the call for applications or admission notice of your degree programme of choice to see enrolment deadlines;
  2. ask your current university about their procedures and deadlines to apply for a transfer. 

You will have to pay tuition fees, based on the amount and deadlines for first-year enrolment, as well as a €100 transfer fee.

Exam recognition

When transferring to a different university, your exam will be recognised. The Degree Programme Board of your degree programme of choice will examine your career and decide which exams to recognise.

If you don't want certain exams to be considered for validation, you need to inform us by sending or delivering by appointment the the credit recognition form [.pdf 281 KB], along with a 16 euro duty stamp, to the Student Administration Office of your new course.


Student Administration Offices

Contact the student administration department for all administrative procedures.