Bodies and institutions

Working together to promote synergy in innovation, research and socio-economic development.

The University of Bologna cultivates significant relationships with local, national and international bodies and institutions, fundamental in pursuing its goals of research, teaching and service to the community.

Actively involved in dialogue with the national government on higher education issues, the university contributes to public debate and policy guidance in the sector.

Academic staff are regularly involved in committees and contribute to crucial issues relating to the advancement of education and research.

Recognising the importance of links with the local area and local institutions, the university promotes collaboration with local players to foster the economic, social and cultural development of the surrounding communities, facilitating the transfer of knowledge and innovation.

As a civically and politically engaged institution, the University of Bologna assumes social responsibility in responding to the needs of the context in which it operates, collaborating with other bodies and institutions to address global and local challenges and promote social and cultural well-being.


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