PhD programme with companies and public institutions

The PhD programme could be considered as a preferential tool both for companies and public institutions, aiming at exchanging knowledge and competencies with the University of Bologna.

The PhD programme provides for skills needed to carry out advanced research at public and private sector, as well as to work as an independent professional. It adds value to companies and public institutions and aims at:

  1. making high qualified and innovative competencies available to them on topics of interest;
  2. increasing their competitiveness via product and process improvements that derive from R&D, innovation and the transfer of technology;
  3. strengthening university-business collaboration at regional level and developing the results of innovative research

Characteristics of PhD programmes at the University of Bologna

Frequency of calls:  Ordinary calls for applications are issued annually; further extraordinary calls may be published during the year

Publication of calls: 

Ordinary calls are published in the first half of the year; all calls (ordinary and extraordinary) remain open for a month

Admission procedures: 

Admission procedures are carried out  at the end of each call. For the ordinary call, approximately between June and July 

PhD programme start date: 

November 1st for ordinary calls. For the other calls, different start dates may be provided


Three or four years, depending on the Phd programme. Please check the list here

Collaboration with the PhD programme

Companies and public institutions can partner with the PhD programme in various ways:

  • participating in a joint PhD programme

  • funding PhD scholarships

  • reserving PhD positions to its employees

Joint PhD programmes

Companies and public institutions can sign agreements or consortium arrangements with our University  in order to create new Joint PhD programmes.

In this case, they provide members for the Academic board, as well as financial resources and operational and scientific structures.

The degree is awarded by the University of Bologna.

Funding PhD student scholarships

Companies and public institutions can fund Phd scholarships, choosing the research topic and taking part in the selection procedures. The funding body may assign an internal supervisor to the PhD student.

In order to start the partnership, companies and public institutions must:

  • select a Phd programme (check the list here)
  • express their interest in funding one or more scholarships by signing a “letter of interest” on the basis of the draft provided by the Phd Office. The letter of interest represents a formal commitment for the subsequent signing of the agreement
  • sign a contract with the University, in order to define the scope of the research, the intellectual property policy, the payment methods



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