Networking for research

The University of Bologna invests in partnerships with research organisations, businesses, institutions and public and private bodies at local, national and international level, with the aim of promoting and developing research, finding solutions to social challenges and local needs, and promoting growth and knowledge dissemination, in a spirit of co-creation and sharing.


Framework agreements

The University of Bologna enters into framework agreements with bodies, associations and businesses in order to establish long-term collaborations that allow a wide range of strategically planned activities and initiatives.

The University now has more than 30 active framework agreements with public bodies and research institutes, covering a variety of themes and types of activities: from joint research to improving the ability to attract resources and investments, from training to dissemination and knowledge transfer activities.

List of institutional framework agreements for scientific collaborations with public bodies and research institutes


Associations and networks

The University of Bologna is a member of many associations and networks operating not only in the Emilia-Romagna region, but also nationally and internationally. It aims to promote research activities and partnerships, participate in round tables with the scientific community, the industry and civil society, and contribute to discussions on defining research and innovation policies and strategic agendas.

Regional associations and networks


Interdisciplinary communities of research centres, businesses and training institutions sharing ideas, skills, tools and resources to open up multiple opportunities and develop joint projects in order to support the main production sectors of the Emilia-Romagna region, as identified by the Smart Specialisation Strategy.

Other regional associations and networks

National associations and networks

National Technology Clusters (NTC)

Networks comprising businesses, universities, public and private institutions involved in industrial research, training and technology transfer: they were established at the initiative of the MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research) as resource catalysts in order to meet local and market needs, and to coordinate and strengthen the relationship between the world of research and the business world in specific fields of technology that are considered strategic for Italy.

Other national associations and networks

International associations and networks

The participation aims to bring the University of Bologna's contribution to European level and beyond, defining priority research lines to solve social challenges and advance knowledge; it also enables contact with the main European stakeholders, fostering joint projects.

Life sciences and bioeconomy

Physical and engineering sciences

Social sciences and humanities

Open science e dati ricerca

In the field of open science and research data, the University participates in ICDI - Italian computing data infrastructure (Italian computing data infrastructure) which promotes synergies at national level as well as Italian participation in European challenges in the field of research and digital infrastructure

At European level, it is a member of EOSC - European Open Science Cloud Association: supporting open access to research data in order to accelerate new knowledge creation, stimulate innovation, and promote accessibility and transparency.

Other organisations and networks for research and innovation

  • APRE - Agency for the Promotion of European Research supports Italian participation in the European Union's Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.
  • The Guild of European research intensive universities: to promote the role of universities in the creation of knowledge for the benefit of society.
  • Science business: for a debate between academia, the industry and public institutions on developing funding programmes and policies supporting research and innovation.
  • EARMA - European Association of Research Managers and Administrators: for the recognition of the professional profile of the research manager at European level and the exchange of good practices.
  • CrowdHelix: to support Italian participation in EU research and innovation funding programmes.
  • UNA Europa, the alliance between some of Europe's most prestigious universities - University of Bologna, Paris1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, KU Leuven, FreieUniversitätBerlin, UniwersytetJagielloński w Krakowie, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, University of Edinburgh and University of Helsinki - which aims to foster the creation of an integrated, multilingual and multidisciplinary European academic space, based on the principles of interconnection, inclusiveness, innovation and internationalisation.
  • Working tables supporting research and innovation: the University of Bologna also participates in the working tables on research support in international networks such as EUA e Coimbra Group.


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