University outreach

People walking in the city

Creating value and development with our local communities and in dialogue with the world. Guiding the ideas of research, the effectiveness of education, the professionalism of the staff, the energies and talents of the student community towards the common good. 

People in a classroom

People and the community

Initiatives, culture, medical services, places to share: we create relationships with the communities we are part of.

People talking

Business and nonprofit

Listening to and dialoguing with the social, economic and productive fabric to increase opportunities and create innovation and value.

People in a meeting

Bodies and institutions

Working together to promote synergy in innovation, research and socio-economic development

Classroom lesson with people

Continuing education

Opportunities designed for those who wish to renew their skills and keep up-to-date in the contemporary world.

Hands of people writing

Development cooperation

Projects on the ground and around the world for development cooperation and social engagement.

Researcher at work in the laboratory


An approach compatible with the preservation of environmental resources in every aspect of university life.