Study Plan

What it is, how, and when to fill out the study plan in bachelor's and master's degree programs

The study plan is the set of course units that will be part of your university pathway.

Each degree programme envisages a certain number of learning activities (course units, workshops, other activities): some are compulsory, others elective.

Over the course of your academic career, your preferences and interests may change. You may discover new passions or wish to explore specific topics in more detail. In this case, the study plan is flexible, allowing you to make changes in line with your new inclinations.

Having the opportunity to change your original choices is a natural part of the university experience.

There may be specific periods of the year when you can complete or change your Study Plan. Check the information published on your degree programme website.

To complete it, you must have paid all your tuition fees.

The study plan is usually completed on Studenti Online, but you will find any further specific information on the degree programme website.