Development cooperation

For the University of Bologna, development cooperation and social engagement are fundamental activities that bring together three central elements: internationalisation, the third mission, and active citizenship.

The academic community of the University of Bologna has long been engaged in cooperation and social engagement projects, operating both locally and in various geographical areas around the world. Today, however, the global changes underway and the increasingly significant and visible role of universities in promoting social development at all levels suggest need to systematize individual commitments by coordinating ongoing initiatives and providing support services.

The driving forces behind the cooperation and social engagement activities developed by the University of Bologna are professors but also, increasingly, PhD students and the student community. For those studying or carrying out research activities, being involved in these issues can indeed become an important opportunity for training, professional growth, and the strengthening of those cross-cutting skills that are increasingly necessary in a globalised society. On these aspects, the University of Bologna wants to continue to grow and propose initiatives, aligning with what is happening in other Italian and European universities.

Focus on

Unibo for Refugees: a project promoted by the University of Bologna and the Municipality of Bologna for the integration of refugee students at university.

UNI-CO-RE: University Corridors for Refugees (Ethiopia-Unibo 2019-21)