Before leaving home: pre-enrolment and entry visa

To enter Italy, non-EU students wishing to enrol in degree programmes or single learning activities must first pre-enrol and apply for an entry visa for study purposes.

To apply for a visa you must:

  • read the information about the visa for Italy, selecting “study – University enrolment”;

  • pre-enrol online via the Universitaly portal. Pre-enrolments for the A.Y. 2023/24 are not open yet. Updates will be published as soon as they become available.
    In the application, you must indicate the University of Bologna and choose the degree programme you want to enrol in. You will also need to specify the Embassy/Consulate where you will apply for an entry visa to Italy. The pre-enrolment application will be verified by the University of Bologna and forwarded to the Embassy/Consulate you have specified. Important! The offices of the University of Bologna will be closed for a period in August during which pre-enrolments will not be validated. In general the validation times for pre-enrolments in August will be long;

  • contact the Embassy / Consulate well in advance to find out the requirements for obtaining an entry visa and make an appointment if necessary.

Be aware that pre-enrolment alone does not grant admission to degree programmes. In order to matriculate you also need to take and pass the verifications of the entry requirements and the admission procedures set for the degree programme of your interest.

Important! The University of Bologna does not issue admission letters for obtaining a visa.

You must take the following documents to the Italian Embassy:

  • the summary of the pre-enrolment application submitted through Universitaly and validated by the University of Bologna;

  • any language competence certificates (see information on how to meet the Italian language requirement);

  • the documents required for the visa application, including a health insurance policy where applicable;

  • the required documents if you hold a foreign qualification.

You must obtain the following documents from the Italian Embassy:

If you are interested in applying for Er.Go. financial aid, (study grants, housing and tuition fee waivers), you must obtain certificates attesting your family’s income and assets, translated and legalized. Er.Go. calls for applications will be published in June 2022, but in the meantime you can read about the documents required last year (for A.Y. 2022/23, documents will need to certify your family’s income in 2021).

Important: an entry visa for tourism cannot be used to enrol at the university or to obtain a residence permit for study purposes.

If the Embassy/Consulate offers this service, also apply for the issue of an official Italian tax code (codice fiscale).

Entry visa for students of multiple or joint degree programmes

If you are a student enrolling in a multiple or joint degree programme and you will carry out the first part of your university path at the University of Bologna, you must obtain a visa for study purposes (“studio- immatricolazione università”), following the instructions for students enrolling in degree programmes.

If you are a student already enrolled in a multiple or joint degree programme and you will carry out a part of your university path (next to the first part, for example the second year) at the University of Bologna, you must obtain a visa for study purposes ("Studio – Programma di scambio e mobilità"), "following the instructions for exchange students. Important: in the section "Corse information" you must indicate the degree programme of enrolment at the University of Bologna.