Before leaving home: entry visa

To enter Italy, non-EU students wishing to enrol in degree programmes or single course units must first apply for an entry visa for study purposes.

To apply for a visa you must:

  • read the information about the visa for Italy, selecting “study – university enrolment” (if you wish to enrol in a degree programme), “study – university single course” (if you wish to enrol in single course units), as the reason for your stay;

  • pre-enrol online via the Universitaly portal. In the application, you must indicate the University of Bologna and choose the degree programme you want to enrol in. You will also need to specify the Embassy / Consulate where you will apply for an entry visa to Italy. The pre-enrolment application will be verified by the University of Bologna and forwarded to the Embassy / Consulate you have specified;

  • contact the Embassy / Consulate well in advance to find out the requirements for obtaining an entry visa and make an appointment if necessary.

Where necessary, some embassies issue a short-term visa in order to allow students to take part in admission tests held in Italy. Subsequently, and only after verifying the successful outcome of the admission tests, they issue a visa for study purposes, called “studio – immatricolazione università” in Italian.

Important: an entry visa for tourism cannot be used to enrol at the university or to obtain a residence permit for study purposes.

For more information about pre-enrolment procedures, please consult the sections concerning degree programme enrolment for non-EU students and registration to single course units, and contact your nearest Italian Embassy (or Consulate).