Checklist for non-EU students residing abroad already admitted to a degree programme

If you have yet to apply for admission, first read the information on how to prepare for enrolment.

If you have already been admitted to a degree programme, please read the following steps to complete your enrolment.

Before leaving for Italy

Start online enrolment

  • Fill out the enrolment application on Studenti Online and pay the first tuition fees instalment (webpage to be updated for a.y. 2023/24) as soon as possible and in any case within the deadline set for your degree programme.

Prepare the documents necessary for enrolment

  • Prepare the documents relating to your foreign qualification to be presented upon enrolment (read the list: first/single cycle degreessecond cycle degrees) and upload them to Studenti Online as soon as possible ("Calls" - "Matriculation for the 2023/24 academic year - document upload for international students with foreign qualifications"). You do not need to upload your visa at this stage.

Pre-enrol and obtain a study visa

  • Pre-enrol on the Universitaly portal.
  • Apply for an entry visa.
  • Upload your Visa on Studenti Online ("Calls" - "Matriculation for the 2023/24 academic year - document upload for international students with foreign qualifications”).

Find out about financial benefits and prepare the necessary documents

Apply for your tax code and look for accommodation


After your arrival in Italy

1. Complete the enrolment process

Go to the Student Administration Office to present your qualifications and complete your enrolment.

  • If you are studying at the Bologna Campus, make an appointment with the International Student Administration Office in Bologna (access Studenti Online, click on "Bookings" and then "International Student Administration Office in Bologna").
  • If you are studying at a Campus in Romagna, make an appointment via email with the Student Administration Offices of CesenaForlìRavenna or the International Desk of the Rimini Campus.

Once the documents have been presented, you will receive an enrolment certificate that you will need when applying for a residence permit.

2. Register for the SSN (National Health Service)

Go to an AUSL “Sportello Unico” (CUP) and pay the registration fee for the Italian National Health Service. Alternatively, buy a private health insurance (in this case, check carefully what it covers).

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3. Apply for your residence permit

  • Prepare the necessary documents and apply for a residence permit. You can do this independently or with the support of the offices.
    - If you live in Bologna or in the surrounding areas and would like to receive support, write to (indicating the date of your appointment with the International Student Administration Office in Bologna) and ask for an appointment with an immigration support service.
    - If you live in Cesena, Forlì, Rimini and Ravenna or in the surrounding area: you can contact the International Relations Offices of Cesena, Forlì, Ravenna and Rimini for more information on the support services.
  • Go to the post office and submit your application.

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4. Activate your registration with the National Health Service

After you have requested your residence permit, go back to a “Sportello Unico” AUSL (CUP) and activate your registration with the Italian National Health Service.

5. Activate your career and get your badge

  • Send a photo of the receipt of the permit application to the International Student administration office in Bologna (, or your Campus Student Administration Office (CesenaForlìRavenna or Rimini), to activate your university career.
  • Get the QR code that will allow you to print off your badge.
  • Check whether you have to present your study plan and the deadline for your degree programme.