Registration with the Anagrafe

EU students enrolled in degree programmes must register prior to the expiry of the first three month period in Italy. Registration is free of charge.

Documents to be presented to the Registry office (Aanagrafe):

  • Identity card or passport (or equivalent);
  • Declaration from the University of Bologna confirming enrolment in a study programme, indicating the relative duration;
  • Form E106: must be obtained from the Health Service of your country of origin before leaving home. Or, if your country of origin does not issue form E106, you must have a private health insurance policy equal to the duration of the study programme, covering all risks. In order to be valid in Italy, the insurance company must complete the Certificate of conformity [.doc];
    Warning: The Registry office will not allow you to register unless you present the Certificate of conformity to Italian law together with the policy. The European health card (TEAM) can be used for medical assistance during the first 3 months, but does NOT replace health insurance for the purposes of registration with the Anagrafe;
  • Documentation confirming the availability of financial resources. Students can present a self-certification (written statement signed by the student on unstamped paper) declaring that they have the required amount of money available for the period spent in Italy. They must specify the source of the declared income and any other element that helps to check this (such as bank or postal account details and a copy of a credit card that can be used in Italy, such as the Maestro circuit). The reference parameter for establishing the required amount is the social allowance, which for 2024 is € 6.947,33 per year.

The application must be made to the registry office (anagrafe) or other competent office in the district or municipality of residence. All documentation must be produced in original and one copy: the copy is withheld by the office, while the originals will be returned to the student.
See the anagrafe office details in Bologna, Cesena, Forlì, Ravenna, Rimini [.doc].

Having registered, it is possible to apply for a certificate of registration. Both the certificate and the application for the certificate have a charge (stamp duties and other municipal charges).


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