How you can support the University of Bologna

You can support the University and its research and teaching enterprises in various ways.


The 5x1000 scheme enables any tax-payer to allot a portion of tax on their declared income to the University, which will go towards study grants for our researchers.


It is a sum of money that is freely donated by a private individual; the willingness to donate is expressed in a letter of intent, which is then accepted by the University. Unless you donate a modest amount, you will need to draw up a notarial deed.


In one’s will one may leave certain movable goods or properties to Bologna University, possibly specifying a purpose to which the bequest should be put.

Testamentary legacy

Bologna University may be designated as universal heir in a will. Such a legacy may be open-ended (where the University decides how to use it for institutional purposes) or bespoke (i.e. tied to a purpose stated by the testator).


The testator may hold the University to setting up a foundation with a legal designation and endowment of its own. The University has executed various such foundations in its time, the latest being the Fondazione Luisa Fanti-Melloni devoted to research into cardiology and the awarding of scholarships to that end.


Sponsorship is a contract associating the image of Bologna University with that of the Sponsor (public or private third parties) in support of institutional or cultural schemes and activities organized by the University. The Sponsor’s contribution may be economic, technical or mixed.