Sponsoring the University or a structure

The Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna encourages and enhances access to forms of external funding, in order to improve and increase the number of initiatives and activities as well as the quality of the services already offered, by achieving cost savings and/or new revenues.

The use of sponsorship contracts is permitted:

  • in accordance with institutional purposes and in pursuit of public interests of the University
  • provided there are no conflicts of interest between public and private activities
  • to achieve cost savings and/or new revenues for the University.

Sponsorship contracts may be concluded by the University and/or its facilities and/or organisational units (sponsees) with one or more third parties (sponsors): private entities, natural or legal persons, including companies, third sector entities, foundations, associations, non-profit organisations or other entities and institutions.

Through sponsorships it is possible to support:

  • cultural and social initiatives organised by the University and/or its Facilities;
  • the execution of works, the purchase of goods and services, as defined by public contract law;
  • services provided by the University to its own (internal and external) users as part of its institutional activity.

Where a sponsor has an exclusive right of publicity within the scope of the sponsored initiative, this right does not extend to all initiatives of the University, nor does it entail the acquisition of a right to all advertising spaces in the University where the sponsored initiative takes place.

For sponsorships exceeding € 40,000 (taxable amount), the University publishes a notice on its website for at least 30 days in which it announces the search for sponsors or announces the receipt of a sponsorship proposal.

Technical sponsorships pertaining to the supply of products identical or similar to those in the University’s merchandising collection

Each technical sponsorship proposal pertaining to the supply of products that are identical or similar to those in the merchandising collection on which the sponsor proposes to place the University’s seal associated with their own, shall be assessed by the University. The University will verify each proposal to make sure it is compatible with the agreements stipulated with third parties for the use of the University’s seal in creation of merchandising.


ARIN - Settore Staff affari generali e coordinamento fundraising e sponsorizzazioni


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