27214 - Physics Experimentations 2

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2017/2018

Learning outcomes

Basic principles of analog and digital electronics with details of instruments and detectors used in astronomy.

Usage of measuring instruments for electronic circuits.

Course contents

  • Basic principles of classical electromagnetism.
  • Analog electronics: analysis of simple electronics circuits in cc and ac. Linear components. Ohm and Kirchhoff's laws. Filters.
  • Semiconductors: Electronic band structure theory. Intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors. P-N junction. Diodes and applications. BJT and FET transistors.
  • Digital electronics: basic logic concepts and Boole's algebra. Combinational and sequential logic.
  • Introduction to data acquisition systems. Photomultipliers. CCDs. Radiotelescopes.
  • Lab exercises (compulsory) are included in the course program.


  • Microelettronica, Millman - Grabel, Mc Graw-Hill.
  • A practical guide to CCD astronomy, P.Martinez, A.Klotz, Cambridge University Press.
  • Further suggestions on useful references and internet web sites will be provided during lectures.

Teaching methods

  • Formal lectures with usage of electronic documentation.
  • Hands-on experience (in groups) in electronic lab.

Assessment methods

Oral exam and discussion of the written reports of lab exercises. It is possible to present a detailed study on a specific topic included in the course.

Only students having participated to lab exercises and produced written reports are allowed to take the exam. Reports have to be delivered (in pdf format) at least one week before the exam.

Teaching tools

  • Educational lab for electronics.
  • More documents and papers in electronic format on specific topics.

Office hours

See the website of Gian Piero Siroli

See the website of Myriam Gitti