Fees and exemptions: amounts and deadlines

How much does it cost to enrol in a First Cycle, Single Cycle or a Second Cycle Degree Programme?

Studying at the University of Bologna is an attainable goal regardless of your financial situation.

Fees for the a.y. 2024/25 are calculated according to the year of enrolment and on a progressive basis, being less expensive if you have a low income. To calculate the reference year for the payment of tuition fees, you have to start with the academic year in which you first enrolled at the university.

To find out about possible exemptions and find out how much, when and how to pay, choose from the following options:

I am enrolling in the first year

I am enrolling from second year to first year “fuori corso” (past envisaged completion time for the degree programme)

I am enrolling in the second year “fuori corso” (past envisaged completion time for the degree programme)

I am about to graduate

Do you have doubts about fees, exemptions and scholarships? 

From June online meetings will be available where people from Unibo and Er.go will give you information on fees, the possibilities for exemption or reduction and on how to obtain the benefits of the right to study.

Find out how to participate

FAQs - frequently asked questions: tuition fees


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Information on tuition fees and exemptions.

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