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Imprese innovazione e infrastrutture

Anno Accademico 2022/2023

Conoscenze e abilità da conseguire

At the end of the course the student knows the main technical problems and the related solution behind networking with particular reference to the Internet. The student can understand the functional principles of a network service and the related quality of service issues as well as the Internet protocol architecture and the main protocols. The student knows how to implement some basic network applications and is able to analyze a protocol behavior.


Module 1: Operating Systems

  • OS Role;
  • OS functionality and organization; .
  • O.S architectures.
  • Concurrency;
  • Processes and Process Synchronization models;
  • Resource allocation and deadlock;
  • Memory Management;
  • IO Management

Module 2: Networks

  • Telecommunication principles
  • Communication services and related quality
  • Network transparency and multiplexing
  • From analog to digital: integrating services
  • Networks architectures
  • What is a network protocol
  • How the Internet works: IP and routing
  • Organization of the Internet


  • Remzi H. Arpaci-Dusseau and Andrea C. Arpaci-Dusseau, (2018). Hard-copy and electronic editions are available; the PDF form is free.
  • Jerome Saltzer, and M. Kaashoek. RES.6-004 Principles of Computer System Design: An Introduction. [http://https//ocw.mit.edu/resources/res-6-004-principles-of-computer-system-design-an-introduction-spring-2009]Spring 2009. [http://https//ocw.mit.edu/resources/res-6-004-principles-of-computer-system-design-an-introduction-spring-2009] Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MIT OpenCourseWare, License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA
  • J.F. Kurose, K. W. Ross, Computer Networking (Global Edition), Pearson Education; 8th edition (2021)

Metodi didattici

In class lectures; slides will be provided and uploaded on the university learning systems.

Modalità di verifica e valutazione dell'apprendimento

Final exam with written text and discussion.

Strumenti a supporto della didattica

Additional readings, example of previous exams and slides of the lectures available on the Virtuale University platform.

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