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Anno Accademico 2018/2019

Conoscenze e abilità da conseguire

The course will address modern multivariable control schemes starting from optimal control and estimation (both in the deterministic and stochastic setting), adaptive and robust control, also presenting basic aspects of nonlinear control systems. The analysis and the synthesis tools are mainly focused on continuous-time systems. At the end of the course students have a deep knowledge of modern control tools for multivariable systems, and are able to systematically handle uncertainties in control systems.


  • Dynamic systems representation
  • Stability of linear systems
  • Reachability and controllability
  • Observability and reconstructability
  • Optimal control
  • Optimal control by state feedback
  • Optimal frequency-shaped control
  • Optimal estimation and regulation in the stochastic framework
  • Basics for the analysis of nonlinear systems
  • Basics for the synthesis of nonlinear control systems
  • Basics of robust control
  • Hoo control
  • Small gain theorem and robust stabilisation of linear systems


  • A. Isidori, ``Nonlinear Control Systems'', Springer Verlag
  • H. Khalil, ``Nonlinear Systems'', Prentice Hall
  • G. Strang, ``Linear Algebra and its Applications'', Thomson

Metodi didattici

  • Black board
  • Matlab/Simulink sessions with the laptop in class  

Modalità di verifica dell'apprendimento

Oral examination

Strumenti a supporto della didattica

  • Notes on some topics not covered by the bibliography
  • Matlab-Simulink scripts

Orario di ricevimento

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