Work with us

Find out about job opportunities at the University of Bologna. The University offers positions in the academic and research fields or for technicians, administrative staff, IT staff, librarians and much more. We also have several opportunities you can choose from if you wish to gain work experience at the University while studying.

Why work at the University of Bologna?

Teaching, research and the transfer of knowledge are the pillars of the University's mission. You can also actively participate in the creation and dissemination of knowledge and innovation. Find out why you should work with us

People are at the heart of the University's success

The strength of the University lies in the advanced skills and knowledge of its staff (knowledge-based organization).

Various professional figures work in the numerous areas of the University and assist it in carrying out its mission: find out about them and open positions.

Other opportunities for collaborating with the University

There are other opportunities for working at the University and furthering your knowledge.