Why work at the University of Bologna?

Teaching, research and the transfer of knowledge are the pillars of the University's mission. You can also actively participate in the creation and dissemination of knowledge and innovation. Find out why you should work with us.

attending lecturesWe are a great university of excellence

Ours is a stimulating and challenging work environment that offers a wide range of opportunities for all kinds of expertise. More than 8,000 people have chosen to work for our university and nearly 100,000 students have entrusted us with their future. We exchange views and compete every day with the best universities in the world, aiming to maintain high levels of quality, a solid reputation and at the same time our identity as a public university.

Rooted to our territory, but open to the world

Ours is a Multicampus University that carries out its activities in multiple locations: Bologna, Forlì, Cesena, Ravenna and Rimini. We also have a campus in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In addition to ensuring a wider opportunity to learn and promote stable research activities throughout the region, this also contributes to improving the operations and quality of life in our community. 

officeOur work benefits everyone

Everyone at our University contributes to the development of society through their scientific, didactic, technical and administrative work. The ideas of our researchers, the effectiveness of our teaching and the professionalism of our staff converge towards reaching this objective.

We believe in talent and merit

People who become part of our community find a constructive environment in which to express their potential. We believe in the wealth of knowledge: all disciplines have equal dignity and opportunity. Equity, inclusion, respect for diversity are the principles that guide our work.

departmentWe are looking towards the future

We have over nine centuries of history behind us, but we are constantly striving to renew and improve. A dynamic environment, in which staff training and technological innovation contribute synergistically to the changes required by a society that is evolving rapidly.

We safeguard our staff

Listening is the key to building a community in which the physical, psychological, social well-being and safety of people are at the centre. This is why we support and guide people throughout their working life, through a network of support services and listening spaces.