Technicians, administrative staff, IT staff and librarians

The professional staff, which includes technicians, administrative staff, IT staff and librarians, are responsible for providing support activities for teaching, research and knowledge transfer. They provide IT, logistics, laboratory, administrative, accounting and library services and work across all University facilities and campuses.

Open positions 

General information on professional staff

The role of professional staff

There are four categories of professional staff: B, C, D, EP, plus management.
Each category has its own level of autonomy and responsibility, a specific salary scale and different opportunities for professional development.
Find out more about the categories (access requirements, level of autonomy, remuneration and positions of responsibility).

Employment contracts may be permanent or fixed term.


As a general rule, the University hires its professional staff with permanent employment contracts (open-ended contracts).

Fixed term 

The University may offer fixed term employment contracts in the cases provided for by legislation and specified by the University regulations governing them. These contracts can last up to 3 years. Both fixed-term and permanent employees receive the same salary, with a few exceptions provided for by the national collective bargaining agreement (CCNL) and by the applicable regulations.

Who can become a member of our professional staff

To become a member of our professional staff, you must have a degree, which differs according to the category. In particular, the following are required:

  • a compulsory education qualification for category B staff
  • an upper secondary school diploma awarded after five years of study for category C staff
  • a degree awarded under the previous system or a three-year Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree or formal qualifications required by law for staff belonging to categories D and EP
  • a degree awarded under the previous system, a three-year Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree and/or professional qualification as well as the additional experience requirements pursuant to art. 19, paragraph VI of Legislative Decree 165/2001.

The type of expertise sought and the specific competencies and knowledge required are indicated in each call for applications.

If you are a foreign national, please carefully read the dedicated sections of the call.

How to become one of our professional staff

To become a member of our professional staff at the University of Bologna you have to take part in an open competitive examination.

If you are an employee of another public administration, you can also consult the external mobility notices or submit a request for mutual exchange.


See the information regarding Remuneration for Technicians, Administrative staff, IT staff and Librarians.

Training and professional development

We consider vocational training an essential tool for personal and professional development. We promote the following for personnel:

  • post-graduate training initiatives
  • professional refresher courses in various fields
  • international internships

In relation to professional development we also provide for career progression, in particular:

  • horizontal salary progression (within the same category)
  • vertical salary progression (between categories)

Discounts and benefits for those working at Unibo

If you work with us, you will be able to enjoy some discounts and benefits:

  • discounts on bus passes (TPER) and train fares (FS);
  • exemption from enrolment fees for degree courses at the University of Bologna
  • exemption from enrolment fees for degree courses for your children at the University of Bologna
  • the financing of masters and post-graduate programmes at the University of Bologna
  • language courses
  • health insurance
  • discounts on books, magazines, cinemas, theatres and museums
  • meal vouchers
  • discounts for the use of specific software
  • discounts for food products
  • discounts for competitive and non-competitive sports (CUSB).

In addition, you will also be able to maintain a good work-life balance thanks to:

  • flexible working hours
  • smartworking
  • telework

Recruitment of people with disabilities or people belonging to other categories protected by Law 68/99

People with disabilities can contact the Office for Inclusion and Labour Protection for assistance in the process of entering professional employment.

If you belong to one of the protected categories indicated by law 68/99 you can participate in:

  • open competitions reserved exclusively for people with disabilities
  • open competitions with reserved places

If you need special aids in order to sit competitive examinations, even without reserved places, contact the Recruitment Office, flexible employment contracts and research grants.

The calls for applications will contain specific information on this subject.

Useful documents

The following documents are useful for participating in open competitions:

  • equivalent educational qualifications: equivalence between old-system degrees (DL), Master’s degrees (LS) and second-cycle degrees (LM), for the purposes of participation in public competitions
  • equivalence between degree classes: equivalence between degree classes DM 509/1999 and degree classes DM 270/2004 for the purposes of participation in public competitions
  • NormAteneo: site for documentation regarding University regulations and publication of the Official Bulletin.