University Governing Bodies

Published Rector
Giovanni Molari
The Rector represents the university legally and institutionally. He is responsible for pursuing the University’s goals, according to quality criteria and in compliance with the principles of effectiveness, efficiency, transparency and promotion of merit.
Published Vice Rectorships and delegate appointments
The Vice Rectors and delegates assist the Rector in the management of the University.
Published University Senate
The Academic Senate is the representative body of the university community. It is involved in the general administration of the university and the appointment of the members of the Board of Governors.
Published Board of Governors
The Board of Governors is in charge of strategic planning as well as the financial and staff programming of the University.
Published Board of Auditors
Board established to control the University's accounting and certify the regularity of the its economic, financial and assets management.
Published Evaluation Group
University Body responsible for the evaluation of the University's teaching, research and administrative activities.
Published Director General
Sabrina Luccarini
In line with the instructions issued by the Board of Governors, the Director General is responsible for the general management and organisation of the university services, resources and technical-administrative staff, as well as the tasks required under the statutory provisions governing public administration management.
Published Student Council
This is the official student representative body at the University.
Published Sponsors' Committee
Body of parties and institutions working to promote and develop scientific and learning activities and the transfer of knowledge in the various cultural, social and economic fields and in the communities the University works in.
Published Guarantee Committee for Equal Opportunities, Employee Wellbeing and Non-Discrimination at Work - CUG
Established by Rector's Decree no. 916/2013 of 22.11.2013, the CUG is a single body combining the competences of the Committee for Equal Opportunities and the Anti-Mobbing Committee.
Published Student Ombudsman
The role of the Student Ombudsman, envisaged in art. 15 of the University Statute, is to receive reports on dysfunctions and restrictions affecting the rights of students. This independent body does not report hierarchically or functionally, in any way, to University Bodies and exists solely to ensure compliance with current regulations.
Published Technical and administrative staff council
University body with consultational functions, without prejudice to the prerogatives of the Director General and the matters reserved for collective bargaining.