Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2017/2018

Learning outcomes

The student will learn a theoretical approach to the topic of the reality and its representation. Perspectives of the new fields of the realism, phenomenology, and hermeneutics in the virtual period.

Course contents

The new fields between virtuality and realism. A comparison between different philosophical approaches from Kant to today. The students can also discover new frontier of the cognitivism.


I.Kant, Critica del giudizio (parti), Laterza, Bari 1987. Varie edizioni. Le pagine scelte sono pubblicate sul sito.

Maurizio Ferraris, Manifesto del nuovo realismo, Laterza, Bari 2012.

Gianni Vattimo, Della realtà, (I capitolo, III capitolo, Intermezzo) Garzanti, Milano, Milano 2012.

Professor may suggesst some other articles and books during class.

Jean. Jacques Wunenburger, Lo specchio delle immagini. Gerarchia e traduzione delle rappresentazioni in Platone, in S. Marino e A Stavru, a cura di, Exphrasis, "Estetica" n.1, 2013, pp. 47-57.

Teaching methods

Course. Films, video.

Assessment methods

Written test.

Final score based on ../30 (18 is considered the minimum to pass the exam).

Inscription to the exam on Almaesami website.

Teaching tools

Frontal lessons, books, films, videos.

Office hours

See the website of Raffaele Milani