Information about internships for students, organisations and bodies.

Information for students

The University of Bologna offers its students and recent graduates the opportunity to carry out internships, in order to facilitate initial contacts with the world of work, acquire professional skills and guide and facilitate professional choices.

Curricular internships
Internships that students can carry out as part of their curriculum.

Postgraduate internships
Internships that recent graduates can carry out after graduation.

Vocational internships for psychologists
Internships for graduates in Psychology that give access to the State Exam for psychologists.

Internships abroad
Opportunities for students to carry out a internships abroad.

Information for organisations and bodies

Structures interested in hosting interns may collaborate with the University, signing agreements that enable them to make contact with University students and graduates.

Agreements and publication of internship offers by organizations and bodies

How to obtain eligibility for vocational internships in psychology