Cesena Campus

Agreements with host-organizations

This area is for companies and institutes interested in liaising with the Cesena Campus of Bologna University, with a view to hosting trainee-students in their workplace. For companies, internships may be a welcome opportunity for exchanges of know-how with freshly-trained young minds; while for the future graduates of Bologna University Schools/Degree Programmes based on the Cesena campus, this is an opportunity with professional advantages.

In practice, the link with Bologna University entails entering a framework-agreement governing relations between the parties: Bologna University and host-organization. The style of agreement used is called a “framework” as it covers all university degree programmes and a range of internships (Curriculum, training and vocational guidance, professional development). Signing the agreement entails no expense for the host-organization except the duty stamp (€16,00), and that too is waived in the case of public institutions and voluntary associations, as specified in art. 13 of the framework-agreement.

How to activate an agreement

The prospective host-organization may access the online service and register by entering the data requested. During registration it is obligatory to attach (if specified) a brochure or suchlike illustrating the company profile. This means:

  • For organizations preparing to host trainee-students from the School of Engineering and Architecture: a curriculum giving details of the organization/company’s activities over the last five years;
  • For organizations preparing to host trainee-students from Degree Programmes in Science and Information Technology: a detailed description of the kinds of work the trainee is expected to do; likewise, the number of employees on the company’s strength;
  • For organizations specifically preparing to host professional development internships preparatory to the State Exam for the profession of Psychologist: a signed and completed Application for Suitability Rating (“Richiesta di Valutazione di Idoneità”, downloadable as an attachment) to be vetted by the Roll of Psychologists. If the organization is interested in having students on curriculum internships and/or graduates on training and vocational guidance internships, it should carefully detail the activities it proposes, compiling the relevant field.

The process will result in the Service for Internship and International Relations viewing the agreement application and getting it vetted by the relevant authority. When the application is judged suitable, the prospective host-organization will be contacted by the Service for Internship and International Relations so as to prepare the framework-agreement together.

How to offer internship programmes

Once aligned by an agreement with the University, a host-organization offering a programme for a curriculum/training and vocational guidance internship may enter its access credentials in the online service and directly outline its internship proposal, following the set procedure. Its proposal may generically regard one or more Degree Programmes, or specifically relate to one person. For an “ad personam” internship proposal one selects the option “L'offerta è destinata esclusivamente a specifiche persone" (Proposal exclusively intended for specific persons) and enters the tax code of the student-trainee in question.