Curricular internships

Curricular internships may be carried out by students as part of their curriculum.

curricular internship is an experience intended to complete the University education of students, by enabling them carrying out practical work in structures within or outside the University, in Italy or abroad, and to obtain the University educational credits envisaged in the course structure diagrams for their degree programmes.

An internship for final examination is a curricular internship carried out for the purpose of preparing the dissertation, based on an internship programme agreed with the Supervisor.

Internships are managed via the Online Internship Service for students, which can be accessed by inputting your username and password. This service can also be accessed via Studenti Online.

See the website of the first cycle and single cycle degree programmessecond cycle degree programmes for information about how to activate an internship, or contact the relevant Internship office.

Course on health and safety in study and internship areas

This course is mandatory for all students who intend to carry out an internship within the structures of the University of Bologna.
For further information, see the webpage Online course on health and safety in study and internship areas.


Curricular internship office contact details

For information about how to activate a curricular internship