Exchange students @unibo and info for partner universities: Italian immigration rules

Rules to be observed and procedures to be carried out for the entry and stay in Italy of students of non-EU citizenship.

Partner universities are asked to promptly inform the students selected for an exchange programme at the University of Bologna of the Italian Immigration rules and of the documents required. 

Students with non-EU citizenship must have an entry visa in Italy for study purposes, except for visa exemptions.

To apply for a visa they must:

  • pre-enrol online via the Universitaly portal

  • contact the Embassy / Consulate to find out the requirements to obtain an entry visa for "Study – Exchange and Mobility Programme" and make an appointment if necessary.

The University of Bologna issues invitation letters to students who have completed their online registration on AlmaRM in PDF format. Paper format can be requested, if necessary.

Students with non-European Union citizenship, who fall into the following situation:

  • are enrolled at a university in the European Union (Schengen Area) and
  • have a residence permit for study purposes issued in a member country of the European Union (Schengen Area) which covers the entire mobility period and which is renewable in the country where it was issued and
  • participate in a European mobility programme or carry out a mobility under an international agreement of the University of Bologna,

must check, at the Visa Office of the Embassy of Italy in the country where they currently study and reside, if they are exempted from a visa. It is recommended to have a written reply by e-mail from the Visa Office.

Important! in the coronavirus emergency period students must comply with the obligation of fiduciary isolation, where applicable.