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University can change your life

Right to education

Equal opportunities for individual and social transformation, overcoming socio-economic, cultural, and personal barriers.

Right to knowledge

Scholarships and benefits

Studying as a possibility regardless of one’s economic situation.

Right to diversity

Equity, diversity, and inclusion

Valuing diversity and promoting a culture of respect.

Some numbers

Data from the 2023 Almalaurea Report on the profile and condition of university graduates.


of graduates are fully satisfied with the path they have taken.


more chances of finding a job for those who have had an experience abroad


of people are employed one year after graduating

Voices, stories, ideas

Applied biomaterials from sustainable sources

We try to encourage the use of natural materials even in advanced applications, following the principles of green chemistry.

Maria Francesca, Phd student in Chemistry

The power of dialogue

“We learn about the other person as well as about ourselves.” The words of Khali, Italian ambassador in Tokyo for the MIRAI Japan’s Friendship Ties Programme.

Khalil Zantou, student at the University of Bologna

Advice for future students?

Studying with passion, commitment and living this path authentically.

Gaia, degree in Philosophical Sciences

A transforming experience

Time spaces

Cultural and artistic experiences that invite exploration and understanding of the world.

Immerse yourself in university life

Building relationships, creating connections, exploring spaces, and new interests.

Experiences abroad

Interweaving of cultures, personal growth

The possibilities to spend time in another country.

Alternative strategies

Scenarios, possibilities, perspectives

From "what happens if I don't pass the test" to many unexpected opportunities for growth and development.

Innovation starts with people

The University is the space for change

Knowledge, discoveries, and innovative research to contribute to scientific progress and have a tangible and relevant impact on people's lives.

Teaching, research, knowledge

Joining the university community to contribute to the dissemination of knowledge, the creation of value, and social change.


Honorary Degree

Honorary Degree for Chemist Paul Thomas Anastas

The father of “Green Chemistry” will receive an honorary degree in Chemistry from the University of Bologna on 12 April. During the ceremony, he will give a lecture on “Designing the Future Through Green Chemistry.”


Bologna opens the exhibition on body donation to science

"The first patient" is the title of the exhibition organised at the 'Luigi Cattaneo' Anatomical Wax Collection. An opportunity to explore medicine through graphic novel and art.

Gender-Based Violence

Nursing Students in Rimini Against Gender-Based Violence

Students have painted two benches red at campus on Via Flaminia. The aim is to send a clear message against gender-based violence and to raise awareness among students to respect women.

From research to society


Developing New Technologies for Safe and High-Performance Lithium Batteries

E-Cells Lab: the joint laboratory between the University of Bologna, Ferrari, and NXP. With cutting-edge equipment and synergy between academic and industrial expertise, it generates innovation in the electrochemical sector.


RESONANT Project: Fighting Misinformation and Fake News

The project, financed by Horizon Europe, offers solutions to counter the threats posed by state and non-state actors and to combat misinformation.


Mona Lisa Smile: A Project for Recognising Endometriosis in Adolescents

An Erasmus+ project offering free online training to health professionals to reduce the diagnostic delay. This project aims to reduce infertility and improve women’s quality of life.

University campuses

  • Bologna Campus

    Testimonies from the past and experiences from the present intertwine in the academic facilities in Bologna. 

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  • Cesena Campus

    The Campus stands out for its strong link with local companies, serving as a bridge between academia and the business world.

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  • Forlì Campus

    A modern and dynamic Campus with facilities and services in the heart of a liveable and accessible city.

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  • Ravenna Campus

    A unique experience that allows you to connect closely with the history, art and ecosystem of a highly stimulating city. 

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  • Rimini Campus

    A people-focussed meeting place for cultures and ideas from all over the world. 

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