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Student Ambassadors Programme

The annual meeting of the programme, which brings together three hundred students from around sixty countries, has concluded. The event was invigorated by the addition of fifty new international members


Times Higher Education Impact Rankings

For the sixth consecutive year, the University of Bologna is ranked first in Italy in the rankings that assess the actions and contributions of universities worldwide towards achieving the sustainable development goals outlined by the UN.


The AlmaLaurea 2024 report on graduates

An inclusive and attractive university, above the national average for the number of on-time graduates, those who have studied abroad, and the employment rate: this is what emerges from the 2024 report.

Voices, stories, ideas

The power of dialogue

“We learn about the other person as well as about ourselves.” The words of the Italian ambassador for the MIRAI Japan’s Friendship Ties Programme.

Khalil Zantou, student at the University of Bologna

Applied biomaterials from sustainable sources

We try to encourage the use of natural materials even in advanced applications, following the principles of green chemistry.

Maria Francesca, Phd student in Chemistry

Advice for future students?

Studying with passion, commitment and living this path authentically.

Gaia, degree in Philosophical Sciences

From research to society


Frontiers Planet Prize: a Unibo researcher is the National Champion for Italy

Francesco Maria Sabatini advances to the final stage of the competition with his study identifying the main climatic, historical, and spatial determinants of alpha diversity on a global scale.


Unibo Patents in the Finals of the Intellectual Property Award

From a sound-absorbing window to a polystyrene recycling method, from a catalyst to reduce CO2 to a device to reduce brain trauma: these are the seven patents selected for the final stage of the competition that promotes innovation and values the creativity of inventors.


Valuable Side Effects for Alzheimer's

Treating Alzheimer's with drugs already used for other diseases also reduces healthcare costs: this is the goal of the project "BD4AP: BIG Data for Alzheimer’s disease Polypharmacology." Maria Giulia Prado, a Ph.D. student at the Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology, discusses it.

University campuses

  • Bologna Campus

    Testimonies from the past and experiences from the present intertwine in the academic facilities in Bologna. 

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  • Cesena Campus

    The Campus stands out for its strong link with local companies, serving as a bridge between academia and the business world.

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  • Forlì Campus

    A modern and dynamic Campus with facilities and services in the heart of a liveable and accessible city.

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  • Ravenna Campus

    A unique experience that allows you to connect closely with the history, art and ecosystem of a highly stimulating city. 

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  • Rimini Campus

    A people-focussed meeting place for cultures and ideas from all over the world. 

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