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The Alma Mater awarded at the QS Higher Ed Summit Europe 2024

The ranking, which assesses reputation, sustainability, international outlook, and research quality, places the University, which has climbed 30 positions in one year, among the top 50 universities in Europe.


An official visit to Japan to strengthen existing relationships

Rector Vice Rector for International Relations, visited Japan with the aim to strengthen the University of Bologna's international relations and open new avenues of collaboration with top Japanese academic institutions.


L'Oréal Italia UNESCO Award for Women in Science

Federica Fabbri, a researcher at the "Augusto Righi" Department of Physics and Astronomy, won the award for her project aimed at developing innovative strategies and techniques dedicated to measuring variables inspired by the quantum information theory.

Voices, stories, ideas

The power of dialogue

“We learn about the other person as well as about ourselves.” The words of the Italian ambassador for the MIRAI Japan’s Friendship Ties Programme.

Khalil Zantou, student at the University of Bologna

Applied biomaterials from sustainable sources

We try to encourage the use of natural materials even in advanced applications, following the principles of green chemistry.

Maria Francesca, Phd student in Chemistry

Advice for future students?

Studying with passion, commitment and living this path authentically.

Gaia, degree in Philosophical Sciences

From research to society


Traveling through the fjords of Greenland in search of geological hydrogen

As part of the ERC DeepSeep project, a scientific expedition sets out to find traces of the formation and circulation of natural hydrogen in rocks nearly two billion years old: a possible source of clean energy for primordial life forms.


Climate-resilient agriculture starts from the roots

The new research project Radicals investigates the genetic foundations of plants to make them more resilient and safeguard their productivity even under adverse conditions.


A new technology for monitoring nerves

An international research group has developed bioelectronic microfilms that, activated by non-invasive electrical impulses, allow for the monitoring and control of nerve impulses without complex surgical procedures.

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