The Internship Service promotes contact between the university, students, graduates and companies interested in creating stages and internships.

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Main activities of the Ravenna Campus Internship Service:

  • Registration of new agreements with the University;
  • Information point on internships;
  • Contacts/relations between students and companies/institution;


  • Administration procedures on activation of curricular internships, curricular internships for thesis, laboratory work, validation of excavation activities, equiparation of work activities. For more information on stages and internships activated by the Study Programmes of the Ravenna Campus,  please visit  the website of the correspondent degree course and/or contact its reference person;
  • Administration procedures on activation of post-graduate internships for all the recent graduates of Ravenna Campus;
  • Information point on internships abroad (Erasmus Placement).


Information for students

The University of Bologna offers its students and recent graduates the opportunity to carry out internships, in order to facilitate initial contacts with the world of work, acquire professional skills and guide and facilitate professional choices.


Information for organisations and bodies

Structures interested in hosting interns may collaborate with the University, signing agreements that enable them to make contact with University students and graduates.

Agreements and publication of internship offers by organizations and bodies.



Company Manual (IT) [.pdf 704 KB]

Trainee manual [new] (IT) [.pdf 884 KB]


Internships Service

Office Manager: Florence Ciotti
Staff: Piera Pizzamiglio, Roberto Magni, Viviana Vagnini


Via A. Baccarini 27, 48121 Ravenna

Office hours

Telephone Call Centre:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: from h 9 to h 12.
Tuesday and Thursday: from h 14 to h 15.30.

Face-to-face reception is by appointment only, to be agreed via e-mail.

The service is guaranteed remotely: by telephone, email and on the TEAMS platform.

+39 0544 936959 (Internships)
+39 0544 936986 (Internships)