Procedure in the event of an injury

infortuni 200x200It is the student's responsibility to inform the Campus Offices - no later than 30 days after the injury - and deliver the Emergency Room certificate within the times and in the manner indicated.

What the student has to do in the event of an injury

It is important that the injured person is primarily visited by a doctor from the nearest Emergency Room. The Emergency Room doctor will issue an initial "medical certificate" of injury, sending a copy to INAIL.

Contact as soon as possible the Campus offices  writing to specifying whether the injury occurred during teaching activities (lessons, exams, study) or internships and sending the documents described below.

Leave your contact details so that you can be easily reached from the offices.

  1. Fill out the injury reporting form (form A), describing in detail (place, date, time, in itinere or not, actions carried out) the dynamics of the injury.
  2. Fill in the injury report insurance form (form B) in order to activate the private accident guarantee. The form must be completed describing in detail (place, date, time, in itinere or not, actions carried out) the dynamics of the injury.
  3. Send the two forms and the Emergency Room medical documentation by email to the Campus offices.


Upon receipt of the documents, the Campus, within the terms of the law, proceeds with the INAIL report or with any other necessary fulfillment, and with the simultaneous communication to the Insurance Contract Management Office at .


In the event of a medical certificate confirming the continuation of the injury, you have to contact the office again by sending the new medical certificate so that it can be reported to INAIL.

In the event of an accident while traveling, the University does not provide insurance coverage.



If the certified prognosis exceeds three days (excluding the day of the event), the employer (University of Bologna) will prepare the electronic injury report to INAIL strictly within two days (48 hours) of receiving the medical certificate. If the two-day term expires on a public holiday, the report must be sent within the working day following the public holiday.

See information on student insurance