Scheda insegnamento

  • Docente Maurizio Cattani

  • Crediti formativi 12

  • Modalità didattica Convenzionale - Lezioni in presenza

  • Lingua di insegnamento Inglese

  • Campus di Bologna

  • Corso Laurea Magistrale in Archeologia e culture del mondo antico (cod. 8855)

Anno Accademico 2022/2023

Conoscenze e abilità da conseguire

By the end of the course students will have a thorough knowledge of the practical activities relating to the work of the archaeologist through field work experience (excavations and surveys) or in public bodies (Museums, Superintendencies for the archaeological heritage, Local Institutes responsible for protection of the Cultural Heritage, Bodies organizing events related to archaeological tourism, specialized publishing in the archaeological sector). They will acquire knowledge related to practical activities and develop an independence of judgment when it comes to solving specific problems, or proposing specific projects or research work. Likewise, they will be able to communicate to a diverse public, as well as apply and update their skills within the three areas envisaged by the Programme: historical-artistic and epigraphic, with particular reference to methodology.


The Master's Degree Course in Archaeology and Cultures of the Ancient World offers its students the opportunity to attend fieldwork activities or laboratories carried out in classroom or on open air. A detail program of laboratories and excavations will be published by the end of november or as soon as fieldwork could have been confirmed. 

Please refer to the web page for a selection of the available workshops and for the modalities of participation.

These activities, which provide university credits (CFU) to be cumulated to reach the number of credits envisaged in the study plan, take place at different times of the year and are offered by the Master's Degree Course in Archaeology and Cultures of the Ancient World, under the general heading 'Archaeology Workshop'.




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