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Anno Accademico 2022/2023

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Use appropriate terminology to define a drug or a medicinal substance from a clinical and regulatory perspective. Compare and contrast the mechanism of action of the main classes of drugs. Identify and describe the mechanism of action, therapeutic use and side effects of selected classes of drugs. Describe the principles of pharmacokinetics, and understand the implications for the choice of the route of administration and dosing regimen. Recognize the different phases of a clinical trial, and understand the basis for the evaluation of the risk-to-benefit and cost-to-benefit ratio of a medication. Discuss regulatory and scientific aspects concerning herbal products. Read and interpret literature pertaining to a clinical trial. Describe the criteria for the commercialization, dispensing and reimbursement of medications. Discuss the general approach to the correct prescription of a drug, taking into account the variability in drug responses in the population. Discuss pharmacological and regulatory issues related to drug abuse and doping.


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