Scheda insegnamento

  • Docente Umberto Lago

  • Crediti formativi 6

  • SSD SECS-P/08

  • Modalità didattica Convenzionale - Lezioni in presenza

  • Lingua di insegnamento Inglese

  • Campus di Rimini

  • Corso Laurea Magistrale in Amministrazione e gestione d'impresa (cod. 8842)

  • Risorse didattiche su Virtuale

  • Orario delle lezioni dal 22/09/2021 al 28/10/2021

Anno Accademico 2021/2022

Conoscenze e abilità da conseguire

The course focuses on the analysis of the most important theories in Strategic Management. At the end of the course, students will be able to analyse a competitive arena, to identify resources and core competences of a firm, to structure make or buy decisions, to discuss diversification choices. They will have a comprehensive view of strategic choices and tools.


The business model canvas

- Competitive Strategy: the Harvard school

- Competitive Strategy: the Resource-based view

- Networks, trust and economic gain

- Make or buy decisions

- Corporate Strategy


There si no text but a collection of academic and business articles. The list of readings will be made available to students during the first lesson.

Metodi didattici

Traditional lectures, analysis of cases, of magazine and journal articles.

Modalità di verifica e valutazione dell'apprendimento

Written exam, with a multiple choice section and an open question/exercise. For those who cannot attend the exam, it is possible to have an oral exam on the Teams platform

Group work finalized to prepare and present a business case

Exam grades can be refused.

Grades are defined as follows

• <18 insufficient
• 18-23 sufficient
• 24-27 good
• 28-30 very good
• 30 e lode excellent


Strumenti a supporto della didattica

Traditional lectures, analysis of cases, reading of articles, videos.

Orario di ricevimento

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