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Anno Accademico 2021/2022


Overview of Data Mining, Commercial data, Administrative data, survey data, Factor Analysis, Cluster Analysis, Predictive Models (decision trees, discriminant analysis, regression, correlation)


Stephane Tuffery - Data Mining and Statistics for decision making - ed. Wiley 2011 - Capitoli: 1, 3, 7, 9, 11.6, 11.7

Metodi didattici

Lessons and laboratory works using SAS

Modalità di verifica e valutazione dell'apprendimento

An applied workgroup carried out and written according to the standards communicated and taught during the lessons. The discussion of group work will take place individually and online via teams during the official dates of the Almaesami website, but also online on extra dates by individual agreement with the teacher.

Verification takes place through an individual oral exam in which the teacher asks technical questions about the methodological choices made in group work. The group works are carried out by groups of students (composed of a maximum of 3 or 4 subjects) who are formed independently and who carry out a real psychographic CRM project. The guidelines for the technical implementation of the group project are described during the course and in any case it involves applying the data analysis strategies addressed in the course to opinion data, collected by the group through an electronic questionnaire: definition of the topic, editing of the questionnaire, treatment of the distortion effects generated by the opinion scale, statistical modeling using the SAS software, drafting of the report to be delivered to the teacher.

Strumenti a supporto della didattica

Theoretical lessons and informatic lab. Students with disability or specific learning disabilities (DSA) are required to make their condition known to find the best possibile accomodation to their needs

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