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Anno Accademico 2019/2020

Conoscenze e abilità da conseguire

The student will learn how to acquire the necessary skills to be a successful engineer. In particular, non-technical (also known as soft) skills are discussed; among them, emphasis will be given to inductive/deductive/analytical/design reasoning, to communication skills and employability. Moreover the student will learn how to use the basic tools of project management, including GANTT and PERT diagrams, workpackage breakdown, project cost estimation, and relevant aspects.


The syllabus is reported below. More information on the course approach can be found on www.robertoverdone.org.


Success and Talent.

Soft Skills.

Communication and Presentation Skills.

Team Working.


Engineering as a Job.


Project Management.

Research Project Proposals.

Experiences from the Field.


Handouts provided by the instructor.

Books available on demand.

Metodi didattici

The time spent during classes (30 hours) will be based on:

Chalk and Talk (about 30%).

Active Learning: students will be grouped in teams and will work on assignments under the supervision of the instructor (about 30%).

Interactive Sessions: brainstormings, discussions, etc (about 30%).

A number of seminars given by professionals (about 10%).

Many classes will start with a chalk-and-talk session, followed by active learning and an interactive session.

Modalità di verifica dell'apprendimento

The student will undergo a written questionnaire plus an oral exam.

The written questionnaire will be proposed during the course. It will include close-answer questions on the theoretical aspects related to soft skills. Students will be incentivised to pass it before end of the course. Otherwise, they will be given the chance to pass it on the day of the oral exam.

Prior to the date of the exam the student will deliver via email to the instructor:

1) a one page report on a topic agreed with the instructor, following the template provided by the instructor (see www.robertoverdone.org under "Courses")

2) a three page research project proposal, following the template provided by the instructor (see www.robertoverdone.org under "Courses")

3) A SWOT analysis related to a project agreed with the instructor.

4) A powerpoint presentation on a topic agreed with the instructor, following the template provided by the instructor (see www.robertoverdone.org under "Courses").

5) His/Her CV with a cover letter, simulating the application for a job position as project manager.

During the exam, all above items will be discussed orally.

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