Public Sector Research and Training Centre - CRIFSP

The Public Sector Research and Training Centre (C.RI.F.S.P.) promotes and coordinates post-graduate training activities and research nationally and internationally in the fields of administrative law, administrative sciences, European taxation and health policies, as well as other sectors closed related to public policy. It supports the university in planning activities in these sectors and pursues the objectives of innovation and scientific integration also at international level.

The Centre is therefore of strategic importance, an exclusive investment made by the University to support post-graduate training in the field of public policy.   

The C.RI.F.S.P. mission is therefore that of being a meeting place for different disciplinary fields, strengthening the University's presence in this specific learning area and facilitating the sourcing of additional resources. In this regard it should be underlined how the centre can act on behalf of the University as interlocutor for the Italian University Foundation for Public Administration Training (FUAP), which was recently founded in cooperation with Milan Polytechnic and the Universities of Padua and Pavia, following the acceptance of the funding application made to the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MUIR) fund, “Fondo per la formazione e l’aggiornamento della dirigenza” pursuant to Italian Law no. 240/10, for management training activities, particularly focusing on civil servants in local authorities and the responsibilities linked to the application of fiscal federalism.

The Centre carries out the activities of: Specialisation School for Public Administration Studies - SPISA, European School of Advanced Fiscal Studies - SEAST, and Advanced School for Health Policy.