Transferring to the University of Bologna

Procedures and deadlines to transfer to a degree programme at the University of Bologna.

How to apply for a transfer and enrol at the University of Bologna

  • Choose a degree programme among the programmes available at the University of Bologna.
  • Check the requirements on the programme website, under “Iscriversi” or “Admission”; if you have chosen a restricted access degree programme, read carefully the information in the call for applications.
  • Submit your transfer application at your current university according to the relevant deadlines and procedures: once it reaches the University of Bologna, the relevant Degree Programme Board will assess it and decide which exams are recognised and which year you will be placed in.
    If you don't want all your previous exams to be recognised please fill in the form under "Attachments" and send it to your Student Administration Office from your institutional email address.
  • Fill in the matriculation application on Studenti Online, entering all required details, including a passport photo in digital format; also state that you are enrolled in another University and would like to transfer to the University of Bologna.



Pay the first instalment to the University of Bologna

  • If you have already paid your enrolment fee for the a. y. 2023/24 at your University of origin, the fee will not be valid at the University of Bologna; however, you will be able to request a refund from your University of origin.
    If you are transferring from a University within Emilia-Romagna and have already paid your regional fees, you will not be required to pay them again.
  • Tuition fee amounts are calculated progressively based on your 2023 ISEE index, which you must submit by 30 October 2023 as explained on the tuition fee webpage. After this date, you may apply until no later than 15 November 2023, by paying a late submission fee of €100, which will be debited together with your second instalment. If you do not submit an ISEE, you will have to pay the full tuition fees relevant to your degree programme.

  • The payment deadlines for restricted access degree programmes are specified in the call for applications; for degree programmes that have no call for applications and no other dates are specified, the deadlines are as follows:
    - 28 September 2023: first cycle and single cycle degree programmes
    - 26 October 2023: second cycle degree programmes
    - 23 November 2023: late enrolment with additional fee (€30 for payments made within 30 days from the deadline expiring; €150 for payments made from the 31st day from the deadline expiring onwards).

Pay the transfer fee to the University of Bologna

Once your documentation reaches the University of Bologna, the Student Administration Office will contact you and provide you with the payment code for the transfer fee of €100. You will be able to make the payment using the methods available on Studenti Online.

Benefits for the right to higher education

For information about benefits for the right to higher education, see the relevant call for applications published by the Regional Board for the Right to Higher Education (ER.GO). In terms of benefits and reduced tuition fees, before applying for a transfer, consider the fact that your study career will be considered to have started the year you matriculated for the first time, regardless of the exams recognised or the year in which you will be placed by the Degree Programme Board. Therefore, following the transfer you may lose these benefits.