Transferring to the University of Bologna

Information on the procedures and deadlines to transfer to a Degree Programmes at the University of Bologna.

This is what you are required to do:

  1. Look at the list of Degree Programmes and choose the one you are interested in.
  2. Check all information about the necessary requirements on the "Enrolling in the Degree Programme" page of the Degree Programme website you are interested in and read carefully the call for applications, if you have chosen a restricted access degree programme.
  3. Submit your transfer application at your current University in compliance with its procedures and deadlines. When your application reaches the Student Administration Office at the University of Bologna it will be examined by the Degree Programme Board.
    For information on how to contact our Student Administration Offices please visit the specific web page or go to the contact page of your programme. To access our information desk through ZOOM you need a email address: if you don’t have a Unibo account, visit Studenti Online, go to the REGISTER section and fill in all mandatory fields. If you have a SPID digital identity use it to register directly. Once you have registered, you will receive your account.
    With a Unibo account you can use through ZOOM all Unibo remote services.
  4. Fill in the matriculation application with all required details, including a passport photo in digital format, on Studenti online and state that you are enrolled in another University and would like to transfer to the University of Bologna.
  5. Pay the first instalment 
    If you have paid the enrolment fees for the  A.Y. 2021/22 at your University of origin, the payment will not be valid at the University of Bologna. However, you will be able to request a refund from your University of origin.
    If you are transferring from a University within Emilia-Romagna, you will not be required to pay regional fees, should you have already paid them.
    The payment deadline is specified in the call for applications, if applicable. For the degree programmes for which there is no call for applications and no specific dates, deadlines are as follows:
    - 30 September 2021 (First Cycle and Single cycle degree programmes)
    - 28 October 2021 (Second Cycle Degree Programmes)
    - 25 November 2021 late enrolment with the following additional fees:
    - € 30 for payments made within 30 days of the deadline;
    - € 150 for payments made after the 31st day;
  6. Pay the transfer fee. When your University of origin sends your files to the Student Administration Office of the Degree Programme in which you wish to enrol, you will be contacted and provided with a code to pay the transfer fee (€150, or €80 if you enrolled in this academic year and are transferring from a restricted access degree programme at local or national). You can pay according to the instructions available on Studenti Online.
  7. Once you have paid, get in touch with your Student Administration Office for information on how to collect your badge and access the University services (wifi, study plan, libraries).

Except in the case in which you have been admitted to a course through a call for qualifications, at the time of identification you can request partial recognition of the exams taken.

If you are interested in the benefits of the right to higher education, consult the relative call published by the Regional Board for the Right to Higher Studies (ER.GO) on the website ER.GO.
In particular, before transferring to a different programme, remember that, for the purposes of being granted any subsidies or reduced fees, your career will be assessed from the year you first enrolled at university, this is independent of any recognitions obtained or the programme year assigned to you by the Degree Programme Board. Following your programme transfer, this could lead to the loss of any assigned benefits.

Please note that tuition fees are calculated progressively based on the amount stated on your 2021 ISEE certificate if it is submitted by 30 October 2021 as explained in the relevant tuition fee web page. After that, you can apply until 15 November 2021 with a late payment fee of €100 (debited with your second instalment).

If you don’t submit an ISEE certificate, the full tuition fee for your degree programme will be applied.