Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2021/2022

Learning outcomes

This course aims to introduce students to the major issues of business economics: it offers multiple analysis perspectives, stimulates in a systematic way a critical vision of business phenomena and research with a strong anchorage to reality.

The object of investigation is the company, considered as an active subject operating in a wider context, made up of individuals, institutions and other companies.

Course contents

  • The company in the competitive context: the business activity, competitive context, value chain (activities and connections) and business model.
  • The main strategic choices: competitive advantage strategies, strategies for product growth and life cycle.
  • The organizational aspects: the models and main corporate organizational structures.



Reference texts
Slides and paper provided from teacher.

Economia e gestione delle imprese, di Alessandro Baroncelli e Luigi Serio. V Edizione. McGraw Hill, 2017

Support texts
Come redigere un Business Plan. Autori: Paolo Di Marco e Daniele Rimini. Edizioni Martina 2007

Il controllo di gestione a supporto delle decisioni aziendali. Autori: Paolo Di Marco e Paolo Santini. Edizioni Martina 2010.

Teaching methods

Front and/or online lessons.

Lectures, case studies and case histories to consolidate the ideas.

Group exercises to make knowledge operational.

Assessment methods

Written exam:

  • multiple choices
  • open questions
  • business case

Office hours

See the website of Paolo Di Marco