00534 - Institutes in Public Law

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2021/2022

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course, the student should know the most significant aspects of the right to health and the National Health Service, with particular regard to organizational profiles, planning and management of public health and issues related to training, skills and professional responsibility in health care.

Course contents

general Part

Principles and fundamental characteristics of the national legal. The sources of law. The organization of the state. The decentralization..

special Section

The right to collective and individual health. The SSN

Teaching methods

-The frequency to the lesson is essential for the complete learning of the subject, although the examination topics are displayed in the bibliographic books indicated.

Assessment methods

The examination is in oral form and consists in the discussion of issues relating to the topics addressed during the lessons

-The vote will be defined as:

30 and praise, excellent argument and perfect exposure

From 24 to 30, complete argument and correct exposure

From 18 to 23, sufficient argument and uncertain exposure

-Three questions will be made concerning all the topics indicated in the examination programme.

Teaching tools

In the course of the lessons the teacher will use the projector and show slides and documents

Office hours

See the website of Paco D'Onofrio