27343 - Sociology of the New Media (1)

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2019/2020

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course students will be able to analyse with sociological concepts and methods various forms of Internet communication (blob, virtual communities, social networks, etc.)

Course contents

The module is an introduction to the sociology of communication and new media, focusing in particular on digital communication and on the analysis of the Internet, from the 1990s to recent developments. Media practices are analyses through the lenses of contemporary social theory. We will look at specific objects and environments (virtual communities, blogs, social networks) to understand how they impact on communication formats and processes, critically reflecting on the possibilities of participation/action of audiences connected online. Throughout the module examples will be explored from the worlds of cultural production and consumption, 'new media art' and fashion in particular.


Assessment is based on the study of the following texts:

D. Lupton (2015) Sociologia digitale, trad. it. Milano, Pearson, 2018.

L. Paccagnella, A. Vellar (2016) Vivere online, Bologna, Il Mulino.

M. Mancuso, M. (2018) Arte, Tecnologia e Scienza, Milano, Mimesis (solo Introduzione e Parte I, pp.11-71)

G. Rossi (2015) Fashion blogger, new dandy?, Pendragon (solo capitoli 2 e 3).

Teaching methods

Lectures; seminars and practical activities in class.

Assessment methods

Oral examination.

Teaching tools

In class we will critically discuss the texts included as key bibliography. We will also use additional material to facilitate active participation in class, with individual study and small group activity.

Office hours

See the website of Monica Sassatelli