66682 - Physics

Course Unit Page

  • Teacher Marco Prevedelli

  • Credits 9

  • SSD FIS/03

  • Teaching Mode Traditional lectures

  • Language Italian

  • Campus of Bologna

  • Degree Programme First cycle degree programme (L) in Industrial Chemistry (cod. 8513)

  • Teaching resources on Virtuale

Academic Year 2019/2020

Learning outcomes

In this course the student will learn the meaning of the main physical quantities, the relations among them and their defining units; the concepts of experimental uncertainty, error propagation and analysis of experimental data; the elementary mechanics of point and extended objects and the classical theory of electromagnetism in vacuum and matter; the basic notions of geometrical and wave optics.

Course contents


Basically the syllabus of the Mathematics' course: algebra, elementari functions, integral and differential calculus, differential equations, linear algebra.

Course contents

Dimensional formulae and physical units; error propagation; scalar and vector fields;

Kinematics and dynamics for a point mass; dynamics of systems; angular momentum and rotating objects; harmonic motion; gravitation;

Electrostatics; DC currents; magnetostatics; time varying electromagnetic fields;

Geometrical optics. Interference

A detailed syllabus is available at course page on iol.unibo.it



D.Halliday, R.Resnick, J.Walker "Fundamentals of Physics", Wiley

Teaching methods

Lectures and exercises

Assessment methods

The knowledge of elementary mechanics and electromagnetism will be verified with a written text were the student will have to solve exercises at a level of difficulty comparable with that of those presented in the course and in the textbook. An oral exam might follow were also more "theoretical" questions can be presented to the student.

Teaching tools

Blackboard, chalk, eraser, when simultaneously available and of acceptable quality.

Office hours

See the website of Marco Prevedelli